The company management has 40 years experience profitably turning around mismanaged properties that are left in significant disrepair, financially under-performing and disreputable.  The company reversed that “poor reputation” in the community of Charles City when it purchased the assets in July, 2018 and August, 2018 (tiny homes).  

City fathers have also endorsed the planning of the company’s expansion with a planning grant. The company has determined its highest value product is extended stay rooms and will be expanding 11 more short term stay rooms and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant rooms in the Charles City market. 

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Hartwood Hospitality Labs Inc. buys, fixes, and holds distressed under-performing rural properties while re-making the rural workforce. Headquarters are located at 1312 Gilbert St, Charles City, Iowa 50616. The company currently owns and operates Hartwood Inn, a 36 room motor lodge and a 6 unit multifamily income property of “tiny homes”. This activity has resulted in high occupancy and a strong positive cash flow.   

The rural Iowa economy shows a void in skilled labor, financial wherewithal-know-how and a general lack of investment capital to re-invest into rural housing and hospitality services.   


Property improvements will include significant energy savings equipment, the company seeks $1.07 Million in new first mortgage capital against a projected $1.5 million in asset value (67% loan-to-value).  

The company retains a higher than average (NAICS Code 531120: Primarily leasing non-residential buildings) to use its well trained staff and local contractors to expand.  Management forecasts the purchase of 2-3 select rural independent hospitality and multifamily properties per year inside a 50 mile radius of the company’s home in Charles City, IA.  All purchases will be done according to a time-proven list of opportunistic buying criteria and its shareholders and lenders will participate in net profits. 

Hartwood Hospitality Labs Inc. plans to offer investors a generous 7% interest paid monthly + a quarterly 25% cash flow participation bonus, all with the added security of a first mortgage on title used to secure repayment.  Workers in the company advance their careers by undergoing excellent professional training in inn-keeping departments and overall business management. 

our team

Gilbert Starble


40 years of experience in opportunistic real estate development and 25 years of growing multiple unit growth organizations in a variety of industries such as telecommunications, retail, multifamily, franchise, etc. Starble has a background in sizing up the competition in sales, construction, development, and finance.

Winston Thompson


A Certified Public Accountant has grown financial services companies for over three decades and has a sound knowledge of startups, and early stage growth issues that will assist the company management team to stay on a solid footing and on track to achieve the vision intended.

Tina Hockenson

Executive assistant

With over 25 years of hospitality and real estate ownership experience, Ms. Hockenson has earned the team’s respect and trust to support management’s vision. Ms. Hockenson is currently in company’s hotel operations and known on campus for her maternal reputation to take care of her guests


We are located in 

1312 Gilbert St, Charles City, IA 50616

Tel: (641) 228 4352

Mob: (641) 330 1524

Email: gilbert@hartwoodinn.com