Got Passion for the Blues?

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Got Passion for the Blues?

August 30, 2018 Uncategorized 5
Passion for Blues Music?  Intern Wanted Post
Hey Blues-lovers, pass this on…
Our friends at Ticketmaster and members of the Central Iowa Blues Society will bring international recognition to the rural farms of Floyd County, Iowa.  An opportunity was recently offered to our company to take on a role as business agent for one of Iowa’s premiere music talents, Heath Alan (see below-About the Artist).
An invitation was extended to signup Hartwood Inn as a founding co-sponsor for an event offer that we could not refuse.  Take a few minutes to Google these players, all based in the happening central Iowa Blues music scene… Alan is one of the darlings of Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines playing one of the midwest’s hottest music scenes. A planned showcase event in a small north central Iowa venue near the artist’s hometown of Cedar Falls, IA will play to a passionate crowd of adoring fans across all age groups and demographics.
Find Heath Alan on Facebook and at Add to the excitement one of Iowa Public Radio’s top engineering talents to record/webcast the live event to an international showcase audience in Europe, Asia, and North America.  This is a recipe for Success… and a real fun internship.
We’re recruiting now for music/entertainment &/or a promoter support intern at the Hartwood Inn, which will co-sponsor a live event at the Floyd County Fair Grounds in July, 2019. The intern will help the hospitality group to earn its stripes in a “super-concierge” event-planning manager-in-training…part-time for 7 months with plenty of cool percs.
Job Duties & Required Skills include, but are not limited to:


As an event manager, you’ll support the musical artists in showcase events, hire and supervise venue staff, reserve a location, arrange catering services, and set up other accommodations for the event. You would, for example, hire someone to run audio-visual equipment, arrange for webcast & broadcast service technicians to communicate with venues, or act as an event concierge to arrange for limousines to pick up guests, artists & other principals at the venues . You may monitor the event while it’s taking place and resolve issues on site or monitor activities in international territories as they arise. An event manager is also responsible for ensuring compliance with all health, and safety issues, and to report non-legal intellectual property issues and regulations to senior management. Additionally, you may help promote the event and develop advertising plans.

Required Skills

Event managers must have excellent organizational skills. You’ll also need to be detail-oriented and have the ability to work well within deadline restrictions. Because this job entails working closely with cast, crew, outside vendors, and sponsors, you’ll also need superb written and oral communication skills. Event managing is a hands-on position, and you may do some physical labor when deemed necessary.

A part-time intern will expect to be paid a substantial monthly stipend, room and board, & milestone bonus compensation.
Do you know any serious minded entertainment industry or event management students (college age or older) seeking internships?
Ask for more information at the Hartwood Inn.

Gilbert Starble, Manager
Heidi Gruver, Marketing Manager
Hartwood Inn
1312 Gilbert St
Charles City, IA. 5061
Cell: 641-330-1524

About the Artistheath-alan-band

Heath Alan (Pattschull) is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Des Moines, Iowa. Heath was nurtured and mentored by some of Iowa’s greatest talents including Patrick Hazell, Joe Price, Denny Garcia, Rush Cleveland, Roger Miller, Bob Dorr and Jonathan Schwabe. Heath was awarded the prestigious Liberace Music Grant (Yes – That Liberace) and inducted into the Yamaha Musicians Hall of Fame before he was 18 years of age. Heath studied music at UNLV and The University of Northern Iowa with Frank Gagliardi (Louis Armstrong), Felix Vesculia and composer Jonathan Schwabe. Heath has been an active musician in the midwest for the past 20 years. Heath was inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his decade-long run with Bob Dorr and The Blue Band. Heath has led his own band for the past five years and is an active sideman and studio musician.

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GET YOUR FREE 1 NIGHT STAY! 1st 100 likes get entered into a drawing for a FREE 1 Night Stay. Like us on Facebook now!