TBL Profits – in a new age

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TBL Profits – in a new age

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Hartwood Inn’s Two-Phase Capital Raise to fund Parent Company:  

The Idea Takes Form:

The company is in the pre-launch stage of a Regulation CF $1,070,000 capital raise as round one of a two round capitalization of a Recession-Proof Mission to fund an opportunistic hospitality property fund.

The market size is enormous, a large segment of the hospitality industry containing small independently owned property is mismanaged.  The upper mid-western US and the industrialized north central US are two areas in which over 6,500 properties exist that meet the below acquisition criteria.

Timing & Management’s Added-value:

The company prides its growth plan on its founding management team’s experience gained during the past 40 years and three boom/bust real estate cycles. A recession-proof opportunity will capitalize during an economic downturn by turnaround of mismanaged properties in tertiary markets, and to win market share over competitors over the next three years.  The company’s brand has well defined criteria during a period of decreasing market values coupled with increased unemployment.


Since July, 2018 the fund has owned and operated a profitable and successful flagship hospitality property in Charles City, Iowa which has achieved double-digit returns for investors since July, 2018.

The company expansion timeline begins with a two stage capital campaign initially with just over $1 Million. The company gives founding members the opportunity to receive a Year One termination bonus.  The Year Two raise uses recently enacted US Internal Revenue Service deferment program “Opportunity Zones” to raise capital in excess of $20 Million to acquire an additional 30 distressed properties.

Acquisition Criteria:

The corporate model turns around mismanaged independently owned motor lodges and hospitality-friendly rural in-town residential properties priced between $400,000 – $1 Million located on high traffic count roadways.  A low-wage compensation scale is an attractive characteristic of Iowa.

The list of acquisition criteria will focus on un-flagged hospitality properties under 100 rooms, and hospitality-friendly residential properties in the low vacancy rate central Iowa and southern Minnesota geographic areas within 100 miles radius from its headquarters in Charles City, IA.

What are people saying?   Investors, Employees, Guests, Vendors, Public Officials, and Bankers rave about the positive working craft of the staff that operates the motel.

Access to Low-Income High Production Human Capital:

Employees and independent contractors/vendors rave about the company’s Human Resources philosophy, which has a positive social impact on people’s lives.  Management has a 40 year track record of achievement in apprenticeship and mentoring programs with some of the most prestigious names in the investment banking community in New England, Florida, Texas, and California.  The company earns measurably higher productivity and loyalty services from employees through its corporate purpose to train and nourish its human capital resources.

Better Returns, “Feels Good”:

The capital invested during Years One & Two will earn its investors a fixed coupon and bonus according to milestones based on revenues, net profits, and Social Capital Index measurements which are achieved during the company’s use of a boot camp systems approach to operations.  Company shareholders from Year One will be offered incentives to take either of two incentives: termination bonus, or preferred stock ownership in Year Two company shares.


If you would like to contact us to discuss how you might attract investors into this company growth plan?

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GET YOUR FREE 1 NIGHT STAY! 1st 100 likes get entered into a drawing for a FREE 1 Night Stay. Like us on Facebook now!