Charles City, Iowa – Hartwood Hospitality Labs, Inc (the Labs) helps solve rural workforce housing problems that are tied to employment-focused guests. 

This week starts a fresh new website to introduce the vision of the founders of the Labs, and to offer weekly updates on achievements of the founding community members.  Changes will be reported that show progress toward the company’s expansion in North Central Iowa (and beyond).  

Since July 16th, 2018, NC One Trust company was entrusted to build this vision.  500 customers have spoken over the past 18 months. And the Labs was formed from this experiment…the management has listened to the customers. The term ‘Hospitality Evangelism’ is born!  The Labs is a for-profit entity that serves 4 basic customer groups.   


There is a workforce shortage in North Central Iowa’s rural communities.  6,000 jobs were reported on Iowa’s state workforce labor inventory in July, 2019, and only 4,000 qualified laborers are reported in the laborshed of the surrounding Charles City area leaving 2,000 open positions to outside contractors, relocated new hires, and local residents.  

This is where the Labs’ evangelism enters the equation.  Today, the company announces a 4th customer group which has a very specialized focus.  This community’s labor shortage problem can be partly solved by embracing “under-achievers” who are ready for a major life change.   

The Labs’ focus of this 4th customer group will be to serve recovering addicts and reintegrated formerly incarcerated individuals from across the prairie states – a disciplined selection process was instituted and expansion is now underway.   

There are currently over 25 individuals and families of present and past founding members –  formerly “under-achievers” served by this company’s support and mentorship who have since July, 2018 transitioned into mainstream jobs and housing.  This is a source of pride for those staff and managers responsible for this expansion. 

This blog entry continues to report on several members of the Labs’ ‘founding community” consisting of current and former guests, townspeople, and strategic partners.  Hartwood Inn serves to satisfy lodging solutions for customers with bonafide outcomes. 

The Labs has conducted hundreds of customer interviews and employer job posts thus far, and now will continue its discovery of services needed by customers and a jobs inventory to enhance existing operations for a public benefit to the Charles City labor market.   

The Labs will seek to raise capital on the Public Benefit Corporation www.WeFunder.com to continue its expansion across rural Iowa from its flagship campus in America’s Hometown.   

Please support the cause by looking for jobs updates and services offered on this www.HartwoodInn.com /Blog report published every Friday morning by 10am CST. 
You can also support this cause when you visit the campus located at 1312, 1406, or 906 Gilbert Street, Charles City, IA 50616 or review the capital raise at www.WeFunder.com to officially pre-launch the week of February 1st, 2020.