Why Headquarters in Charles City, Iowa?

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Why Headquarters in Charles City, Iowa?

March 4, 2019 Uncategorized 2

Footbridge over the Cedar River, Charles City, Iowa

Divine intervention has brought a financial services company 1,317 miles and west of the Mississippi River.

An elderly Jewish man sat on his easy chair on the 2nd floor of his real estate brokerage shop on Dartmouth Street in Malden, Massachusetts to dispense advice while he ran a sweatshop of 5 or 6 brokers and to guide high ticket real estate finance transactions.

It was all about money and the rush of ‘closing the deal’ …

But that was then… and this is now.  Something beautiful (and profitable) is happening here in Charles City, Iowa.

Why did a group of investors with $1,000,000 in assets move from a financial center like Massachusetts to join the polar vortex in North Central Iowa farm country to locate the headquarters of a funding organization?  Its for three good reasons:

  • God’s purpose, that is #1
  • Property is purchased with much a ‘bigger bang for your buck’ here in Iowa
  • Talent in Iowa is known worldwide for its hardscrabble farm work ethic

Realized that the most enduring advice on this financial career and the human most responsible for the company launch was not that little old financial wizard of a man in Malden.  It was a street-savvy tough-minded coach who became the winningest schoolboy baseball coach in Massachusetts.

This is where the story starts.  Growing talent is the key to financial success in today’s world.  Frank Carey grew talent, not just talented baseball players and athletes…he grew talent in human character…in a method that taught fundamentals, constant action and mindfulness, discipline, and core fundamentals.

“Stay in the game”, Carey would bark to players sitting on the bench. This frame of mind is the prominent idea on this campus that teaches housekeepers how to become top management.

Seasoned hotel veteran Heidi Gruver, Hartwood Inn Manager states, “These people (staff) are very competitive. Nobody wants to let you down.  The whole business operates more profitably when we compete to win.”

Your Capital Rx, Inc. is a capital fund that was formed to fund distressed assets and training of human talent through hospitality operations and extended stay/transitional residences.  A simple ‘re-cycled’ use of capital converts distressed property into profits and careers.

The immersion training conducted with staff and management at Hartwood Inn supports 5 households at the flagship hospitality property in Charles City, Iowa.

Since July 16th, 2018, the company has established systems to create a breeding ground for innkeepers and business managers in the company’s new headquarters located at 1312 Gilbert St, Charles City, IA 50616.

Now, the company will raise more capital and many more will profit.

Without knowing the genesis or the history of the company’s so-called ‘divine intervention’, this crew of young smart and hard working people have followed a chapter out of the Frank Carey playbook:  “Talent is made, not born.”

You’re invited to stay tuned to this channel. This is going to be huge…but not only in the size of your pocketbook.  This is a treasure of proportions and scale beyond what you can imagine.. No joke… no exaggeration.  Watch this channel, and be mindful of your impact on this company.  Observe as these success stories of regular people thrive and read about the extraordinary families they support.

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GET YOUR FREE 1 NIGHT STAY! 1st 100 likes get entered into a drawing for a FREE 1 Night Stay. Like us on Facebook now!