And some of us here in America’s Hometown, we aim to find it.

The company will profit from the service of a void (something is missing!!) in the marketplace of a “WORKFORCE SHORTAGE” claim stated by the Economic Development Commission of Floyd County, Tim Fox. Company Founder has identified a financial services play. This is part of the company’s service offering.
There are over 1250 properties within a 250 miles radius of the flagship Charles City, IA property that are ready to be repositioned to serve the workforce shortage. The company will serve guests who fill the gap of workforce shortages AND will open and finance operations of the business leases and sales to owner-operators. 
What is the void? We use the term, “A catalyst-type hospitable housing”, one that deepens the desirability and connecting tissue between employers, employees/guest-workers and the communities where they live and work. We find 1-2 % residential vacancy rates, low recreational offerings.
There is generally an inhospitable intake process in rural communities whose employers are attempting to recruit workers, an insufficient outcome frankly that is currently underway by employers, economic development organizations, personnel platforms, and recruitment agencies reminds us of grasping for straws in the dark.
With the American County and Municipal Managers Association, Iowa Departmnt of Revenue – Hotel Sales Tax, and Google search results showing distressed under-productive rural motels search results of over 3,000 non-flagged independent motels willing to sell at below market price that are located in Federally Designated Opportunity Zones (rural counties & rural communities) with populations under 80,000. This is an underserved financial market that contains over $3Billion of potential repositioned upgraded assets, and 30,000 filled skill positions.
Hartwood Hospitality Labs, Inc has centered this problem in its crosshairs. This missing link will soon find the cavalry arriving over the hill to bolster the rural employment gap by making targeted housing more hospitable for employment-related newcomers.A short list of strategic funding partners are currently identified by founder Gilbert Starble which include private investors and opportunity zone investors who seek to create a fund similar to “Rise of the Rest”, a type of rural venture capital fund organized by former AOL founder, Steve Case.